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Jack Puck Pollen Press is the best pollen press available in the market which can enable you in making hash with a press. Whether you want to endeavor your skills in order to make hash or in making different patterns of your favorite plant extract, the Jack Puck Press can help you in getting it done with perfection. Various pollen presses in the market are used in making hash and they come as cheap as under $20. However, they require tedious turning of the device compressor and brute strength. Furthermore, the twisting not only requires your raw strength but also renders you with a lot of elbow grease. These cheap devices generally cannot be operated without use of gloves. But the availability of Jack Puck Pollen Press has changed the dimensions of squaring out your favorite plant extract, and also in the process of making hash.

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The Jack Puck Press is available in two different heavy-duty sizes. One comprises of 2 Ton while the other weighs 8 Ton. Jack Puck Pollen Press comes in different mould shapes such as, regular round, small round and square. This gives its users a lot more variety of choices in terms of implementing power, shape and size. This state-of-the-art pollen press is versatile in garnering performance with optimal functional attributes incorporated in it. The Jack Puck Pollen Press weighing two tons allows for the dismounting of moulds. One can choose to use any of the three moulds to satisfy himself. Gentle mechanical pressing induced in Jack Puck Pollen Press avoids any impurities to be mixed into the crystallized powder by way of oxidation or otherwise. Moreover, gentle mechanical pressing does not tamper with the natural coloring of high-quality crystals. However, it would be optimal to provide a gentle heat of 170° Fahrenheit (75° Celsius) maximum, so as to activate the chemically neutral form of resin, for a desired psychoactive effect.

With collecting and compressing Plant Extracts, Jack Puck Presses combines simplicity with great quality. Making hash with a Jack Puck Pollen Press yields minimal efforts without compromise in the quality. The hydraulic jack resembles the jack used in changing a tire, which delivers maximum pressure in order to activate the hydraulic compressor at the base of the Jack Puck mould. The simple up and down movement of the steel lever is significant to make hash the way you want it. Making hash would be even more effective if the process is adhered from the point of view of experts, who recommend of heating the mould and its base prior to using it.

Specifics of Jack Puck Pollen Press

Jack Puck Pollen Press comes in five types. Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Round mould, Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Square mould, Jack Puck Press 2 Ton Small mould, Jack Puck Press 8 Ton Round mould and Jack Puck Press 8 Ton Square mould.

Jack Puck Pollen Press is not only a convenient mode to make hash but also helps in making its transportation easier. Moreover, the method used in making hash is so fine tuned and refined that it even makes its consumption simple. Making hash does not require expertise anymore. With the use of Jack Puck Pollen Press, where the state of art process is applied in the procedure of screening, producing highest grade of powder is not a task only to be performed by expert businesses. You can perform it in your own home.  Making hash has never become easier than with Jack Puck Pollen Press.

Generally starting at over $300, we have found a great online source that sells the 2 ton Jack Puck Press for just $265.00 with Free Shipping!    If one of these beauties is on your bucket list, grab one now and be sure to come back and let us know about your experience.

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