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boldtbags review Boldt Bags Review

Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System is one of the most recent trends in hash bags from a maker of trash bags in Humboldt County California. As the finest quality of plant extractors, Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System comprises of non-plastic coated nylon with the finest screens and enforced grommets. The screens fitted in the hash bag ensure purity where as the grommets spells durability. Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System is manufactured and sold from the local suburb of Humboldt County, U.S.A.

More about Boldt Bags Kit Extractor System

Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System – one gallon 8 bag kit includes  eight different variety of microns, namely 220 micron, 190 micron, 160 micron, 120 micron, 90 micron, 73 micron, 45 micron andboldt bags review 300x243 Boldt Bags Review 25 micron. Compared to the advantages derived from this variant of hash bag, the cost attached to it is negligible. Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System costs $175. The process involved in Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System is quite simple; however one has to follow the requirements in order to get the best benefits out of plant extraction process.

Specifications of Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System

The process requires a bucket in order to keep the bag inside it. If more than one of the bags are required, a beater is required to separate the bags. Throw ice cubes in the bucket with a little water added to it. With the one, 8 Gallon hash bag placed in the bucket one has to take care that the ice thrown in the bucket does not damage the screens or the micron mesh contained in the hash bag . The plant used for this process of extraction requires to be either or freshly cut. One must ensure that plant material floats above the hash bags screens, so the content of water should be relatively higher so as to submerge the screens into it. This should be followed by a stirring process in which one would need a stirrer to mix the content in the bag for around 25 minutes.

Once the mixture has a frothy head, it could be assumed as job done well. The ice in the bucket should ensure that water stays cool throughout the process, wherein the resinous glands or trichromes are extracted from the plant material with the aid of Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System. The separated trichromes will collect on screens of the bags. Let the mixture settle down for twenty minutes. Now take bag out of the bucket, namely the Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag to depict this scenario.  After pulling the bag out the water should be left to get drained using filteration screen situated at the bottom of the bag and reach bucket again. Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag contains the plant matter. Now, turning the hash bag inside out and placing it over a bowl so that the deposits settled on the mesh screen would be collected. There are 3 grades of extract collection.. 75 and 25 micron screen Boldt Bags are the “purest” grades.

Boldt Bags 1 Gallon 8 Bag Kit Extractor System is simple process and most earthy methods of processing plant extracts and, in particular for making bubble hash. Some find finest quality of hash procured from this relatively hand based hash bag method.   These bags have quickly gained a positive reputation as being some of the best-made and most durable hash bags on the market, and we agree.   A great place to pick up some authentic Boldt Bags is from a California merchant that has an ebay specialty store for extraction products.   After you grab your Boldt Bags and get going with them, please come back and let us know about it.

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  1. melody says:
    January 1st, 2011 at 3:28 am

    great review on the boldts – have a set of these and love them.

  2. joebaker says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 4:10 am

    these are fantastic quality – i can vouch for them; have had them for awhile now.

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